Pay with FlickPay

Received a FlickPay message? Your billing just got a lot easier.

FlickPay is a fuss-free mobile payment solution that lets you pay your bills in two taps, on the go and without an app. Simply register once and reply to your FlickPay message. It’s that easy.


contacts Save the FlickPay number to your contacts: +61 429 888 777

The Benefits of FlickPay

pay anywhere
Quick and easy

A one-time registration and no apps, logins or passwords for you to remember.


FlickPay partners with a PCI Level 1 compliant vault so your details are safe and secure.

Pay anywhere

Out and about when you receive a bill? No worries, simply reply to pay.

Frequently asked questions

FlickPay is a service for billers who want to offer a simple mobile bill payment solution to their customers. Using FlickPay, any customer with a mobile can simply press to pay their bill
FlickPay supports MasterCard, VISA and debit cards.
No – if you’re paying a bill, signing up is as simple as providing your payment information.
FlickPay doest not store card information. Card details are held by a PCI Level 1 compliant vault and transactions are processed through a PCI Level 1 compliant payment gateway.
Yes – text C in reply to a payment reminder and we’ll send you a link to change your card details.
No – you can use FlickPay as little or as much as you would like.

FlickPay for Business

Are you a biller interested in using FlickPay?

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